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November 01, 2007


Miss Lis

Woo! Congratulations!

Miss Julie

Thanks, Miss Lis!

Uncle Keith

Congratulations! I suggest something with tiger stripes. Nothing says I want to make good in my job like a tiger stripe ensemble. Everyone does business suits, but tiger stripes say success! You can quote me on that to your new supervisors.

Miss Toi

Hey Miss Julie!!

Congrats congrats!! Success is so sweet in the end isn't it?

You go gurl..


Is Miss Julie still alive - Anybody seen her around Chicago or does she have a new life now and she doesn't need any of us anymore? :-(

Uncle Keith

She's got that new job. She's probably hanging around with corporate friends these days, driving a Benz, and lighting cigars with twenty-dollar bills.


I think she's left us Keith.

Uncle Keith

It appears that way. Why don't we just use her blog to leave messages?


That's a great idea....


Finish this limerick...

There once was a man from Nantuckett.....

Miss Julie

Guess I did wander off for a while... I promise to start writing again very, very soon.


Please alert the authorities - it would appear that some punk hacker has broken into the typepad database and is sending out comments identifying themselves as the artist formered known as Miss Julie....

Weclome back sweetie! You've been missed.

Uncle Keith


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