> Portugal - February, 2009

Trolley Lift Outside "Sex Club"
Lisbon Library
Near Lisbon Library
Leaving Zuzabed B&B
Outside Parking Lot Near Zuzabed
Ken at Elevator/Look-Out
Elderly Couple at Elevator/Look-Out Point
Church Ruins Near Elevator
Detail - Church Ruins Near Elevator
Street Leading to Zuzabed
Stairs Leading to Zuzabed
Square Near Zuzabed
Fountain Detail
Seed Store
Chestnut Seller in Front of Seed Store
Carnaval Poster
Tending Laundry
Hideous Sculpture
Fruit Stand and Cool Tile
Fruit Stand
Cross-Dressing Mannequin
Crazy Guy Who Tried to Get Pigeons to Attack Me
Pigeons Who Refused to Attack
Homeless Guy Sleeping in Front of Church
Blue Door
May Day
Housing is a Right
Portable Soldier
Puppet Museum
Green Door
View From Steps of Puppet Museum
Outside Puppet Museum
Church Near Puppet Museum
Tile Detail
Flower Market
Woman Doing Laundry
Courtyard at Puppet Museum
Near Parking Garage
Near Parking Garage
Botanical Gardens
Botanical Gardens
Abandoned Building
Tile Detail
Tile and Entrance